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Chico Pee Wees

Chico Pee Wee's offers the following Divisions: (ages are by "league age")

Registration Opens June 1st!!

A player’s Pee Wee Age is their age on August 31 of the Pee Wee Sports Year. A player’s Pee Wee Age is used to determine their eligibility for all sports during the Pee Wee Sports Year. 
a. 12 & 13 year old players will play “A” level
b. 10 & 11 year old players will play “B” level
c. 8 & 9 year old players will play “C” level
d. 6 & 7 year old players will play “D” level
Important update: D-string is now tackle football played 8 vs. 8.
e. 5 & 6 year old players will play FLAG (instructional) Level
f. 6 year olds have the option to play at either the “D” or FLAG Level

If you would like to coach you will have to complete the following two trainings. The first link requires a cost of $15 dollars. Once you have completed the training, provide proof to Chico and they will reimburse your expense. The trainings must be completed prior to August. 

1) Football Coaching Certification | USA Football (Youth Certification)

2) Videos: "Protecting Youth Athletes from Sexual Abuse" | Kidpower International 

Division Cost:

Early registration discount (Through 6/30)
A/B/C/D: $200/player
Flag: $125/player

Regular registration rate (7/1-7/31)
A/B/C/D: $225/player
Flag: $150/player

Late registration rate (8/1-8/31)
A/B/C/D/: $250/player
Flag: $175/player

Discount given to
additional child registered in the same immediate family of $30/child.
No family will pay more than $750 in registration fees (immediate family only).

Boundary Information:
In order to play for Chico Pee Wee FOOTBALL you have to live within certain boundaries....
It is the responsibility of the person registering the child to verify if a child is in boundary.
Failing to do so could mean a child misses a chance to play if they live out of district and sign up in the wrong place.

If you have any questions about being in Chico boundaries please email [email protected]

Chico boundaries includes the high school boundary of Klahowya Secondary School and the community of Chico (i.e., Chico Way, Erlands Point, Jackson Park). 
KPAPWA Boundries - Google My Maps

New to Chico?
Welcome!! We are happy to have you!! Once you register your child there are a few things we need from you.
Birth Certificate:
Upon registering your child please email a copy of the child's birth certificate to [email protected]. Please know this MUST be received prior to your child being allowed to participate.  

What do my registration fee's cover?
Registration Fee's are calculated and collected to pay for several club & association fee's. As a non-profit organization ALL money collected goes directly to the operations of the club in providing a safe, competitive, and welcoming place for the kids we serve to play sports. These fees pay for several needs such as dues to central council which are what pay for umpires, post season facility rentals, and more. It pays for gear for our players. This includes new/replacement gear, recertification of helmets for safer play, uniforms, and more. Funds help in field & clubhouse maintenance, and although we value our volunteers there are many tasks necessary to keep the field, club house and concession stand up and running properly meeting standards and codes. Insurance is another significant expense, as a club we pay for liability insurance for the grounds, facilities we utilize.

Is my child covered for medical care while playing at Chico?
Club insurance IS NOT THERE TO cover our players medical needs, if that coverage is necessary parents should obtain that coverage privately at their own expense. There are several specific companies that can provide sports coverage for athletes which are different and can be in addition to a child's normal health insurance.

Gear Deposits:
Gear Deposit (A/B/C) is $350/child no exceptions (this is refunded at the end of the season when gear is returned).
Gear Deposit (Flag) is $50/child (this is refunded at the end of the season when gear is returned).
GEAR WILL NOT BE ISSUED UNLESS A DEPOSIT IS PAID (and registration is also paid or arrangements are made).

Deposits can be paid via a CHECK or CASH.
Checks and Cash are held in a secure location and not cashed or deposited unless gear is not returned at the end of the season.
Deposit date is announced when gear return dates are announced.
PLEASE NOTE that while $350 seems like a large deposit, uniforms, helmets, pads, and pants that are issued to your child cost SIGNIFICANTLY
more than $350 to replace if a family does not return it. A helmet alone can cost upwards of $200 or more to replace, and youth shoulder pads
another $100-$175, this does not include the girdle, pants, etc.

Gear Handout:
Families will be notified by coaches, and Facebook announcements as to when gear handout is taking place.
This year it is our intention to do it just before practices start so please watch for dates to be announced.
Gear will be handed out when payment in full is received for the season or with an approved & current payment agreement.

Payment Plan & Scholarship Information:
Payment Plan: If you need to spread out the registration fee for the season, please email [email protected] to request a payment
plan/scholarship form.
  *Please fill out and submit the application for payment plan and/or scholarship prior to gear issue.
Application will be reviewed and approved on a first come first reviewed basis.

When requesting a payment plan or scholarship and registering a child:

1. complete the registration completely
2. select the pay later or send a check option at the time of registration (this can be administratively adjusted later).
the most important goal is to complete the registration so a child can be placed on a team.

Concession Volunteer Opt Out Fee: $150/child must be paid with registration.
Concession Volunteer Deposit: $150/child must be made at gear handout.
(this is refundable when you volunteer in the concession stand for a 2 hour shift see below)

Chico Pee Wee Association is a 100% VOLUNTEER functioning organization.
This means without volunteers our children do not play sports at Chico.

While we realize that all families are busy, all families have a lot of obligations, when you sign your child up in Chico Pee Wee's you are
agreeing to help volunteer to make the organization function.

Chico by-laws states that for each player the parent/guardian (or another adult on their behalf) must volunteer a minimum of 2 hours. As a club we have prioritized that time to be designated in to the concessions stand. This is one of our major fundraisers for our organization and it helps to offset costs that would otherwise need to be collected thru higher registration fee's. The success of the concessions stand greatly benefits each member of our club. Not only does it help offset registration costs including gear replacements and club general obligations. We do not send our players out to sell or solicit, this along with our raffles, car washes, and field days are our major fundraisers. As a club we host community events, and encourage families to participate in place of soliciting to sell goods as some places have done traditionally.
There is a $100/player deposit required that can be made via check or cash. This is returned to you once you have volunteered in the concessions stand. This must be made at the same time as the gear deposit and must be made prior to gear issue. All deposits left from families that have not volunteered are deposited following the last home game of the season.

Concession Volunteer Opt Out Fee: This is offered at the time of registration online ONLY. If you elect to choose this you will not be required to work in the concession stand during the season. This is NOT refundable. If you pay the fee and then decide to volunteer this fee will not be refunded. The ONLY way to opt out is to pay the fee AT THE TIME OF ONLINE REGISTRATION. You may not elect to pay the fee and opt out after registration.
Volunteering in the concession stand however does not mean families are done volunteering because our work is just beginning. As stated above we are 100% volunteer based. Many other tasks still need to be completed to keep the kids playing. Please know that if you don't do it another parent will have to and if the majority don't it falls to the minority and they will not be able to serve all of our children's needs on their own. Below is a list of SOME of the volunteer roles that families need to help fill during a season.
Please note that the ONLY people exempt from 2 hours in the concession stand is the HEAD COACH of a team. If a coach has more than one child playing they are exempt for the child who's team they are coaching only.

Additional Volunteer Needs:
board members (making executive decisions to keep the Association functioning)
coaches (both head and assistant)
event coordinator (organize carwashes, field day, etc)
field maintenance (mow, weed eating, cleaning up grounds)
facilities maintenance (maintain clubhouse and outbuildings)
field prep (on game day help line fields, set out equipment etc)

 Minimum $15 refund fee unless refund is due to the inability to form a full team.
Full refund within 48 hours of registration time/date- NO exceptions

50% refund before practices begin
There are no refunds once practices begin
 *Injury refunds are pro-rated according to the date of injury or doctor’s visit, a note from the doctor must be provided to the club to receive a refund
ALL refund requests must be submitted via email to [email protected]

All gear, uniforms, and equipment, must be returned to Chico before any refund is issued. 

Practices will be Monday through Friday beginning the first Monday in August. Times may vary depending on string.
**Please make sure your player has the appropriate gear and is ready to practice. (this includes cleats, athletic support, mouth piece, and water.)

Games are held on Saturdays
The Game schedule is released in September and can be found at

ANY questions/concerns please email [email protected] 


Football practice beings the first Monday in August at Chico Field.  Practice will be Monday - Friday.
The first week of practice will be a conditioning week.  All players are required to have 5 days of conditioning. 

Once contact practice begins, players are required to wear all padding and protective equipment at all times.

Players should always bring plenty of water, bottles can be refilled at the field.  


Practice Jersey, Athletic Supporter with Protective Cup, Cleats, mouth guards.

Parents please carefully read all safety consent forms while registering your player. We will follow all concussion protocols and always err on the side of caution. If a player is sent out and a doctors return to play note is required please follow those rules. We are all volunteers, we are parents, not medical providers and it is our job to do our best to make the best judgement calls with regards to concussions and it is our practice to err on the side of caution. It is all of our job to do the best we can to maintain as safe an environment as possible for the kids to play. This is a full contact sport at many levels and while there are inherited risks associated with playing, we can do our best to limit them, and treat them with caution should a situation arise. 

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